Seeing the MTC Everyday

Dear Family,

First of all, I want to tell you that I LOVE the MTC. The word that comes to mind when I think about it is glorious. I understand now why they want missionaries to come here before they go out into the field. It's like Nauvoo in the way that it's a little piece of Zion. We're all here for the same cause and we're all unified in that purpose of inviting people to come to Christ.

Bah! So much to tell you and so little time! The computer will automatically kick me off in 30 minutes, and that's down to 21 minutes now, so I'm sorry if this is rushed and incoherent at parts.

Anyway, I'm in a district with 6 other elders, plus my companion, and all of the elders are going to Richmond, Virginia. It's only been a week, and they feel like family now-6 adopted little brothers. They are Elder Firth and Elder Ch'ng, Elder Collett and Elder Parry, Elder Pickup and Elder Zajac.

Elder Firth is our district leader, even though he's the youngest in the group and he is a spiritual powerhouse! He's extremely obedient and just a natural leader. I'm so impressed with his dedication and eloquence when explaining the gospel.

Elder Ch'ng is Chinese, but he's from Australia, and has an Australian accent. It's an interesting mix, but it works for him. Funny story about Elder Ch'ng: We do a lot of role playing and for one of these role plays, he decided to be a Southern Baptist. So imagine Asian Elder Ch'ng, with an Australian accent, trying to talk with a Southern drawal. Needless to say, he sent me into a giggle fit (and all of the other elders) and the role play didn't last very long. Oh wow, it was funny.

Elder Collett is the oldest, he's 20, and it's funny how much a year will do for an Elder's maturity. I think it's Elder Collett's personality too, but he is so meek and willing to learn, and I can learn so much from his example! He's also the most homesick and I wish I could talk to him, or write him a note or help him or something! But it's hard when we're constantly with our companions and I'm trying to respect the appropriate elder/sister relationship rules. So he's just been mentioned quite a bit in my prayers.

His companion, Elder Parry, reminds me a lot of Uncle Craig. He's just really personable, and charismatic, and someone all of the Elders look up to. He gets so excited about the gospel, and the activities we do, and I love that!

Elder Pickup is so much like Dale it scares me. Same mannerisms, same way of talk, same claim to have perfect pitch when he's not even close to having relative pitch. It makes me laugh. He's one of my favorites. (Which they all are, really)

Elder Zajac is the embodiment of lurpiness. He can make me laugh quicker than anyone else in our district and he and I just hit it off the first day. And his voice sounds exactly like Kohor from the Testament movie. But he's such a sweetheart, and tries harder than anyone I've seen.

As for my companion, she's wonderful. Her name is Sister Janell Lewis, and she worked with Steve Hall (home teacher). She's actually 28, and I'm learning so much from her. She's the youngest of 11, pretty independent because she's been on her own for so long, and our goals usually have to do with working on companionship unity. Both of us aren't used to being attached at the hip to someone. Especially a stranger. But we're definitely not strangers anymore, and we get along really well.

Okay, so 6 minutes left. AHHH!

What I've learned: Obedience is the principle/power that unlocks doors and gives knowledge needed for eternal life.

The Spirit is the way lessons stop being mine and become HIS.

Heavenly Father sees us as the glorious beings we can become.

On essentials there must be unity. On nonessentials there must be liberty. But in all things there must be charity. -B.H. Roberts (I think)

Preach My Gospel p.52: Jesus was PREPARED and willing.

Revelation motivates.

If the Lord needs someone to run an errand for him, I want him to know that I'll run that errand. -President Monson.

Accept and claim challenges as a treasure hunt for the talents within you.

Don't underestimate the power that comes from personal righteousness.

And a Father's day quote:
From Elder Holland's talk in a 1999 conference. I'm breaking it up into two
thoughts since they occur at different points in the talk, but here you go: 

"I am a father, inadequate to be sure, but I cannot comprehend the burden it must have been for God in His heaven to witness the deep suffering and Crucifixion of His Beloved Son in such a manner. His every impulse and instinct must have been to stop it, to send angels to intervene—but He did not intervene. He endured what He saw because it was the only way that a saving, vicarious payment could be made for the sins of all His other children from Adam and Eve to the end of the world. I am eternally grateful for a perfect Father and His perfect Son, neither of whom shrank from the bitter cup nor forsook the rest of us who are imperfect, who fall short and stumble, who too often miss the mark.
In considering such beauty of the “at-one-ment” in that first Easter season, we are reminded that this relationship between Christ and His Father is one of the sweetest and most moving themes running through the Savior’s ministry. Jesus’ entire being, His complete purpose and delight, were centered in pleasing His Father and obeying His will. Of Him He seemed always to be thinking; to Him He seemed always to be praying. Unlike us, He needed no crisis, no discouraging shift in events to direct His hopes heavenward. He was already instinctively, longingly looking that way.

In that most burdensome moment of all human history, with blood appearing at every pore and an anguished cry upon His lips, Christ sought Him whom He had always sought—His Father. “Abba,” He cried, “Papa,” or from the lips of a younger child, “Daddy.”
This is such a personal moment it almost seems a sacrilege to cite it. A Son in unrelieved pain, a Father His only true source of strength, both of them staying the course, making it through the night—together." 

In summary, I love it here, and I love the people, and I love you all!

-Katherine; Sister Welch

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Shelby Baron said...

Thank you so much for sharing all of Katherine's letters. She sounds like she's doing wonderful and absolutely loving it!!