Seeing the First Day Everyday

(June 9, 2011)

Dear Family,

I'm Here! 
Safe and sound and happy. 

The MTC is wonderful and the spirit here is contagious and motivating.  The first day here was exhausting; we don't have any breaks or free time.  Every minute is scheduled so we went from one meeting to another yesterday until 10 pm.  I slept well to say the least.

My companion is also wonderful. Her name is Sister (Janell) Lewis and she worked with Steve Hall, my old home teacher, for BYU's financial department.  We got our calls on the same day so we guessed that we'd be companions, then it really happened, so it's been fun to get to know her.  I'm already impressed with how sensitive to the spirit she is. She told me she's here because Heavenly Father told her that's where she needed to be.  I'm glad she listened. :)

Also, I've run into probably 10 people I know that either work here or are going on missions themselves.  That's been fun and it makes me feel right at home.

Spencer, there's a missionary in my district that reminds me of you and I wish it was you.

Mom and Dad I love you tons and can't wait to hear from you.  

Katherine (Sister Welch)

P.S. Mom, Did you have a hard time calling yourself Sister Heber?  Sometimes I just want to introduce myself as Katherine . . . or Elder. (That happened once.)

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Little Fish Girl said...

Haha Elder Katherine. :) Well, Katherine. When you get back and read this comment, just know that you were missed when you wrote this post. Every time I drive by the MTC, I strain to see if one of the missionaries waiting to cross the street is you. :)