Seeing the Future Everyday

Katherine has relinquished her blog to me.  

It will be my responsibility to post her letters and pictures 
and. . . 
to minimize my editorializing.  (Epic failure by Dad already)

We have word that she is safely in the MTC (Thanks Madison) and the 18 months have now officially started.  We hope you enjoy these pictures from last night and this morning.

With her first companion as assigned by our Stake President.

Entering the airport,

At the ticket counter (First bag weighed 49.5 lbs!)

Leaving her first companion, her cell phone, her computer but not her faith as she enters airport security after having said good-bye.

Thanks to all our daughter's friends.  
We love you for your support.

And keep her in your prayers.


Sylvia said...

Please tell me you got a little misty! I did!

frizzles16 said...

Thanks for keeping up the blog, it's gonna be great!