Wow.  We are getting all sorts of crazy weather up here.  Luckily, the hurricane didn't hit us hard - it was just a bad storm - but they did cancel church when we had 6 investigators coming!  Bah! I was impressed with Russell, though, because he was ambitious and faithful enough to follow us on a 45 minute drive to Gaithersburg for church.  

And then we've had so many miracles!  We're only in our area for about 22 hours this week, but we have an appointment for almost every hour that we're in our area.  It's amazing.  It's my goal to work so hard that they have to split up our area because we won't have enough time for all of our appointments.  :]    And I wish I had time to go into all of it, but I'm writing a Mom letter this week, so enjoy the pictures.  And here's a song that one of the Elders made up, in honor of the hurricane.  It was sent as a voice-mail to the entire mission.

(to be sung to the tune of "Popcorn Popping")

I looked out the window and what did I see?

One big hurricane coming at me.

August has brought me such a nice surprise-

Tree limbs blowing right before my eyes.

I can buy some goggles and some gasoline

Then curl up in a ball and then just scream

It may not be so, but it seemed to me...

I'm going to have a lesson with Hurricane Irene!

I love you all!!! Stay true to what you know and who you are.

-Sister Welch

 Editor's note:  We did not receive any photo's.  If we get photo's in a separate letter, we will post them.

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