I survived an earthquake!!!

You probably have already heard, but there was an earthquake in Virgina, that we felt in DC yesterday.  I was at the Visitors' Center, in the calling room, when I heard this rumbling.  I just thought it was the air conditioning turning on, but then my feet started vibrating and I realized that it probably wasn't the air conditioning.  I thought, "Is there a helicopter landing on the roof, maybe?" but then it was shaking too much for that to make any sense.  All of the Sisters in the calling room rushed out into the lobby and then it really started shaking and the glass windows were bending and rattling.  Everyone evacuated and was panicked and screaming and running around like crazy.  It was pretty exciting.  It didn't last that long though, and pretty soon everyone was allowed back in.  I just felt bad for the Sister who was in the bathroom. 

Oh, and I'm not sure if you've heard about this, but the tips of four of the gold spires fell off.  They were about 3 feet long, and on the way down, they hit the temple and knocked some of the granite off.  They brought some chips of granite over to the VC, so now I have a little DC Temple rock to bring home.  One of the sisters, when she saw that we all had temple rocks, decided that she was going to go over and get one of the spires that fell off to take home.  But being from Chile made that a little complicated with customs, and what not.  :]

 As for the work, we've had quite the week! We had our four solid investigators at church and we ended up sitting in between all four of them: two in the pew in front, and two in the pew behind. I loved it. And Sister Hazen and I laughed when we realized that we're teaching mostly old men. Ralph and Russell both go to high priests (John Dyer goes home, we can't get him to stay), and in our high priests quorum we just happen to have the bishop, the patriarch, two temple sealers, and the stake president.  It's nice to know that our investigators will be taken care of. 

Adrey Dyer is also doing really well.  We taught her on Monday and stayed for 3 HOURS. She wouldn't let us leave!!  But we loved it.  She has so many good questions about the scriptures and doctrine, and how everything about the gospel and church work together.  She was asking us about how the three witnesses were chosen, and trying to understand how Nephi was writing what Joseph of Egypt said about Joseph Smith, who was actually translating, etc. etc.  She really understands the scriptures and I love watching her progress.  That's honestly one of my favorite thigns about being a missionary: watching people change. 

With Ralph, we've seen a literal change in his countenance.  There is a light there that wasn't before.  He's more alert, and happier, and it's contagious.  Ah! I'm so excited for him. 

Russell, we've only met with once, but he also came to the "Why I Believe" Program, which was about testimony.  Elder Sowby, Director of the Barlow Center, spoke, and he is very analytically/scientifically minded, just like Russell.  Russell was taking notes the whole time, and we could see his mind processing everything Elder Sowby said.  We're meeting with him tomorrow and I'm looking forward to all of his questions.  He learns quickly and loves the deep stuff, and we're teaching the Plan of Salvation, so it should be interesting.

 So, quote of the week:
 Consecration is the only surrender that is also a victory.  -Neal A Maxwell.

 It's so true!  And so is the gospel.  Love you all!!!! 

It was so good to hear about your trip to Tahoe and a little bit of the Utah trip.  Hearing about the car ride and canoes ramming made me laugh.  I loved it.  Thank you SO MUCH for sending the package.  I wish I had more time to write you individually.  I pray for you every day.

 Love, Sister Welch

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