Sister Wong

My companion is a miracle worker.  She is elect!  I'm amazed with what I've learned from all of my companions, but Sister Wong has such a receptive and tender spirit. She was baptized five years ago, and has just kept doing the simple things like reading the Book of Mormon, and praying, and trying to do what's right, and now she's at such a spiritual level that I'm just motivated to be better when I'm in the same room with her.  Everything she says is profound, and I always have to have my notebook close by when we're talking so that I can take notes.  Example: I have still been trying to find a short/bold statement on the atonement.  We were talking about it one morning and she said, "The atonement is what takes the burden away."  Perfect! Simple, understandable, beautiful and true.  I loved it.  Then I learned that the two characters for the word gospel (don't ask me what the characters are...all I know how to say is "thank you" and "hi" and something Dad taught me, ha ha) anyway, the characters for the gospel mean happy message, or blessed music.  So cool!! (Of course I loved the music one.)  And the two characters for knowledge are "learn" and "ask".  I thought that was perfect too.  In order to know we have to learn and then ask.  I'm using that.  And I'm going to learn how to write it in Chinese.  I'm learning a lot about Chinese, actually.  There are nine tones, and if you say a word in the wrong tone, it can mean something completely different.  Like instead of asking, "How's your Mom?" you could be saying, "How's your horse?"  Also, "Mmm" mean yes, not that something is yummy.  And so much more.  I love it.  

 This past week has also been incredible.  The elders left us with LOTS of investigators, so we've been trying to get up to pace with all of them.  Last week was more organizational, meeting with the Bishop/ward mission leader, etc.  And on Monday we taught three of the investigators and met with a couple less actives.  Yesterday we were at the VC all day, and today we get to breathe for a little bit so we can go out rejuvenated tonight.  It's BUSY, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  The ward is great.  There are probably 10 young couples from BYU, with a new baby that are all willing to go teaching with us.  It's awesome.  And the Dougalls, who work in the office, are in our ward.  This ward uses the Perry process, and is so missionary minded.  It's great, and I'm so grateful to be here. 

It's amazing to see how we're prepared for some things too.  We're teaching this woman from Jamaica, who only speaks Patois.  (pat-wa?)  I'm sure if I hadn't of taught Daneil, I wouldn't be able to understand a thing she said, but the gift of the interpretation of tongues is real, and we could all understand each other.  Chinese, Jamaican, and American.  It was amazing.  AND I was able to bear my testimony in patois.  (Here's my attempt to type it out.) Me know dat de Booka Momo eh de realting.  (I know that the Book of Mormon is true.)  Yep.  I'm learning Chinese and Patois and Spanish and even English.  My plan is to come home quadralingual. (Is that even a word?)  Anway, it's been fun with all of these cultures.  I've met people from over 30 different countries already.

So, about Audrey.  We cried a little bit when she found out I was leaving and we had to say goodbye.  Sister Withers scared me to death when she told me that one of the AP's suggested they drop her.  But the Spirit told them no, so they didn't.  Whew! Thank goodness.  I was so sad to leave, but it was time.  Sister Holt (the newbie) and Sister Withers will be great for her. 

One last thing.  I wish I had time to write about what I've been learning in my personal study (because I finally have personal study time!) but I don't.  So, if you're interested in a good scripture study, look up the word "healing."  I've learned that being cleansed from sin is really just being healed spiritually.  So when we call people to repentance, we're really just asking them to be healed.  It impressed me how much like the Savior we really are when we ask people to change, and be whole.  And the scriptures in the Bible and Book of Mormon give such great light to that word! Sometimes I wish I could just study all day, but then I remember that's what I've been doing for the past 15 years of my life before my mission, so I'm glad I'm here.  So, so glad I'm here.

I love you all!!!  Thank you for the letters and support.  They keep me going and mean a lot.

-Sister Welch

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