My Scriptures are Falling Apart

I'm not sure what that is a sign of.

Old age? Diligence? I'm not treating my scriptures right?

Who knows.  But it's sad to see the pages falling out.  And even though scotch tape on every other page is tacky, I'd rather have all the pages to my scriptures.

Anyway......miracles are real!!!!!

Tracy came to church.  Even with her broken ankle.  (Did I tell you she broke her ankle?) And it was the regional conference that was broadcast, so she sat for two hours with wiggly Anthony on the front row in the chapel.  I was so happy.

Susan is right on track to get baptized on the 10th.  She is a ray of sunshine.  We taught her last night and I always leave crying.
(Sometimes though, I'm not sure if it's because of her cats or the Spirit.  Both seem to come to me whenever we're at her apartment.)

Sabir is still golden.  We've had some problems with his Mom, but he's brave, and we know that things will work out.  He loves the "BOM" as he calls it, and that's given him a lot of strength.

Also, we've met so many people in the past two days that want to learn about this gospel.  Zatu, Far, Joy, Kumar, Delilah, and Todd.  Wow.
And it makes me laugh how different each of them are.  Ghana to India to America.  PhD to never finished high school.  20's to 70's.  It is such a diverse group, but they'll be fun to plan for.

Pray for Todd and Tracy and Susan and Sabir and Quadir.  I think they need the prayers the most, but of course, everyone needs the prayers, and your list is just going to get longer with all of the miracles we're seeing.

And the best miracle for last, Sheri's getting baptized on Sunday!!!
There is no better feeling than knowing a dear friend has entered that gate.  And she's going to make it.

Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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