Happy Day, All is Well . . .

I cannot believe it is possible to be this happy!!!

Audrey was baptized on Saturday and it honestly was one of the happiest days of my mission and one of the most fulfilling days of my life.  She was glowing.  Sister Hazen and I went back together and it felt almost like we were going home.  Neither of us had been back since we served there together and then here we were, companions again, going back to Olney.  When we walked into the church, John was the first person we saw and he was almost glowing as much as Audrey was.  We asked him how he was and he said, "Wonderful.  I couldn't be happier for her."  He then told us that he'd been trying for months to get her baptized and he was glad that she finally had listened to him.

 It makes me laugh to know that John was on our side the whole time and I know he'll come along soon.  What a day that will be when he is baptized and when we can come back and go to their sealing!

The program at the baptism was beautiful.  We probably had half the ward packed into the gym and I smiled thinking, "This is how it should be."  Sister Corina Miller, one of Audrey's fellowshippers and a convert herself, said the opening prayer, and then Sister Chris Willis (the friend/neighbor to introduce her to the church) spoke about baptism.  Then Brother Willis performed the baptism.  Words cannot express how joyful that moment was when I watched Audrey make that covenant.  She finally did it! I wish I could put into words all of the prayers, and studies, and thoughts, and notes, and lessons, and encouragement that we gave to her so that you could understand how miraculous this day was.  But there's just no way to say how much Audrey means to me and how much it meant to see her "enter in at the gate."  Oh my.  Happy, happy day.

And on that same day I got to see Erin.  She was the little miracle I had during festival of lights that just walked up to me and asked if we could talk.  She's 18 and is dating the RM and was taking the lessons.  Well, now she's getting baptized too!

Sabir=Incredible.  Here are some Sabir quotes:
"The Book of Mormon is amazing."
"I told my brother we're like Nephi and Sam in our family."
"I already repent daily."
"I gave up coffee a long time ago and I'm so much happier now."
and many more.  Sometimes I don't think this is real life.  But it is!

And Sabir introduced us to his brother Quadir (they're twins, hence the names), and Quadir is just as golden as his brother.  Pray that they'll both be ready for the 10th of March.  We're sure they will be!

And Susan is Susan. Which means she's wonderful and happy and has so much faith!

And Tracy.  Wow.  I don't know where to start with this one.  We have had quite the week with Tracy.  I sadly don't have time to go into details, but I know without any doubt that Heavenly Father loves His children and notices even the details of our lives and our needs.
Tracy is evidence of this.  I have never felt Heavenly Father's love for someone so powerfully as I've felt it for Tracy.  She has, by far, the most excruciating challenges and life I've ever heard of, but Heavenly Father knows her, and loves her, and wants her to succeed and she WILL.  Please keep her and Anthony in your prayers.  She needs to feel those angels around her.

Oh, and one last thing.  I saw Sheri!!!  The Elders brought her to the VC and that woman is amazing too.  After her knee surgery she wasn't supposed to walk for a few months, but she had so much faith in her blessing that she's walking all over the place now.  Wow.  Her baptism is the 4th of March.

Miracles, miracles.

The Church is true.

Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

P.S. Mom, could you send me the instructions on how to fix dry wall?
One of our investigators had a little accident that resulted in a giant hole in their dining room wall.  Oops...  Thank you!

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