Where to Even Begin...

I really don't know where to start.  Wait, yes I do.


I can't wait.




Sabir and Susan and Tracy and Anthony are all getting baptized March 10th!!!!!!

This is going to be the best birthday ever.

I don't think I've even talked about Sabir. So here's his story.  His girlfriend is a member, but is now at BYU-I.  But she stayed in touch with the Young Woman president and told her (the YW President) about Sabir.  Well, word got to us, and we started teaching him.  Sister Gros gave him the baptismal committment on the first lesson and he said yes. So. much. faith.  He just said yes and was grinning the whole time.  Well, now he's come to church two weeks in a row, and the other day we got a text from him that said, "I know I was just supposed to read one chapter, but I read to chapter 9.  Can I keep going?"  YES!!!!! For heaven's sake.  Of course! He's incredible.  And the Elders in our ward have started doing a weekly district meeting for the young men in our ward to get them ready to go on missions.
Every week they get together for an hour, teach something, role play, and then share what missionary experiences they had the past week.
Well, Sabir decided he wanted to go to that too, along with meeting with us twice a week.  I can already just see him as a missionary and it makes me SO happy.

Susan still makes me laugh.  She told us that she realized we're not going to be here forever, so she wants to make some friends.  She was actually so motivated by this desire that she stayed for the entire Relief Society instead of going to her weight watchers meeting.  Yay for priorities! We finally got them right.  She amazes me too.  She just finished reading 1 Nephi and still comes to church every week.
She's working out her own concerns too, which is WONDERFUL.  I love it when they do that.

Tracy and Anthony are the ones I'm a little worried about.  Pray for them please.  Tracy lost her twins and yesterday we just spent an hour crying with her.  It was heartbreaking and my heart still hurts for her.  I can't believe all of the trials that woman has been called to go through.  But she WILL make it.  She and Anthony both.  They need this gospel and it is going to help them and heal them.  And whatever you (whoever "you" happens to be as you read this) can think of to do to help them would be much appreciated.

And so many other miracles have happened.  We tracted into a less active that had disappeared from the records.  We felt like knocking when we were supposed to be somewhere else and met a woman who has lost her car, her son is in rehab, and she was just looking for comfort.  And also, I'm blessed with the best companion in the world.
I really don't know how I get all of the good ones.  :]

Stay true to what's eternal.

Sister Welch

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