The Rest of the Story

So, on Friday night, we had a message on our phone from the assistants saying, "Sister Welch, please call us back as soon as you can." So I did, and our conversation went like this:
Elder Wright: "Are you going to be at the VC on Saturday morning?"
Elder Wright:"Okay.  We're pulling you out for a meeting."
Elder Wright:"Thank you!  See you then!"
Me:"Thank you?"

I was so confused! But Saturday morning my guess was confirmed when President Matsumori told all of us there that we would be training! It makes me laugh to think about this because it honestly feels like I got here yesterday.  Yesterday!  Wow, time is such a strange concept here.

But Sister Gros (said Sister "Grow") is wonderful.  She's from Northern France, and I'm excited to get to know her and see the "greenie" miracles in our area.  I'll be here for the next two transfers with her, and they are going to be great transfers.

This past week Sister Wong and I saw a lot of miracles before she left.  Susan came to church again, and has a goal for a baptism day.
(By the way, two more weeks until Audrey's baptism!!! I'm so excited.) Kathlyn has been reading from the Book of Mormon and has been asking some incredible questions.  She's so in tune with the Spirit; it amazes me.  Last night we were explaining baptisms for the dead, because that was a question she'd had, and we talked a little about the spirit world.  She asked us if we believed there were spirits with us that we didn't see, and when we said yes, she asked us if that meant the spirit world was here...on earth.  She's incredible! I couldn't believe she'd picked up on it that fast.  We were trying our hardest to keep it simple and not go into deep doctrine, but she came to that conclusion on her own.  Can you say 'elect'?

Tracy is our other miracle.  Pray for her.  Every day is a struggle but I have so much faith in her, and her family.  They're ready to change and heal.

And tonight we're meeting with Kyle and Jessica, a cute young couple looking for a church.  This will be Sister Gros' first lesson and it's going to be so much fun.  Sister Wong and I had set up an appointment with Kyle, but he wasn't home when we came, so we checked on them again and met Jessica.  She was super nice and kept trying to talk to us while her dog was trying to escape.  Right as she said she'd have to talk to her husband before we set up an appointment, her dog jumped out of the house and took off.  We said, "We'll catch your dog! You go talk to your husband and set up a time." Then we took off, in our skirts, after the dog (which was a labrador and a puppy) and she just laughed and said "good luck...!" That silly dog would not respond to anything we tried, no matter how many treats we offered, or when we tried to get him to chase us instead-he just wouldn't come.  Finally we took the car keys out, jangled them a little, and he came running.
I almost got tackled to the ground, but grabbed his collar and dragged (nicely dragged), him back home.  Needless to say, Jessica was impressed, and we set up an appointment.  Oh man.  What we'll do to get appointments.

It should be great tonight.  I'll keep you posted.

Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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