Another transfer in QO

I should really think about what I'm going to write before I get to the computer. That way I wouldn't have to spend so much time trying to remember my week and figuring out what you'd want to hear. Alas, my mind is on other things.

Actually, this week has been an emotional one.

Sabir and Susan and Sheri were baptized!!!!!!!!!!

I know that Sheri was supposed to be baptized last week...but she never came. And as scared and frustrated as everyone was, I just felt at peace. I knew she'd come. And the next week, she did. But only after scaring the poor Elders to death again. About an hour before the baptism they got a text that she was in the ER with her son. They kept asking questions and eventually found out that it was only a sprained ankle and that she'd still be able to make it. Whew! It was such a beautiful thing to be there when she did get baptized and then to go to the "Why I Believe" program with her. Before the speaker talks at these programs, they always have the recent converts stand up, introduce themselves, say when they were baptized, and what ward they're in. Sheri got to stand up and say that she was baptized a couple hours ago and that her hair was still wet. AH! I was so happy. She made it.

Then Susan and Sabir's baptism. Both of them couldn't stop smiling. And neither could I. The Elders in our ward had a baptism that day too, and his name was David. He and Sabir are about the same age, so they asked two of the priests preparing for missions to baptize them. That is going to be one of my favorite pictures: four young men, all in their baptismal suits, and all of them with the biggest smiles on their faces. Happy day.

Sister Gros and I stayed together for transfers. YAY!!! I feel so blessed.

Today had been an interesting day. Sister Hazen and Sister Withers are both going home. So sad. It makes me feel old. I didn't realize how much I loved those two until I saw them this morning and just started crying. I didn't even cry when I left my family for heaven's sake!!! Maybe I shouldn't have confessed that, (and I do love my family more than Sister Hazen and Withers), but there's just something about losing companions that is so sad. But, I'll see them again. That's what road trips are for. And thank goodness for email and letters. 

Hmmm. Keep praying for Tracey and Anthony. And Josh. And Quadir. Miracle stories are soon to come.
And now, a poem by the Dougalls (one of the senior couples and office missionaries):
We looked at your apartments and what did we see?
Bed begs crawling there, along with a flea.
Winter must have brought the worst of these,
Apartments infested everywhere you please.
You could take a spray can and spray them away.
Or you could call the office staff right today.
You need to manage bugs.
They're hiding in the rugs.
Just follow the instructions and call us with your needs.

De-clutter all apartment, twill keep the bugs at bay,
Beds up on bed frames is the only way.
Care for all supplies, just as Sister Dougall said.
Send baptism paperwork so it's easily read.
You can teach and baptize, just send your records in.
Without them, the new saints aren't counted in.
So please just do your part,
'Cause you're very smart.
You're the greatest missionary doing such good deeds!!

Yep. Welcome to Maryland. Thankfully we haven't had to deal with that problem. (Bed bugs OR lost baptismal records.) And I just look at our mission and laugh that bed bugs is our problem when other missions have much bigger...bugs...and problems. 

Well, that's all for today, folks. I love you all. Stay true to what's eternal.
Love, Sister Welch

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