Buchanan Streets. Plural. There were twenty of them. Ah Maryland.

Lots of miracles this week.  We went to see a less active, who thought we'd forgotten about him, but was so happy that we hadn't, he promised to come to church and read the Book of Mormon.  (And he was serious.  We could feel it.)

We taught Kyodai (said Coyote) and he wants us to come back when his wife is there so that we can start teaching their family!

Members want to come teaching with us.

People are feeding us.

Ema's daughter Isata wants to meet with us on a regular basis.  And her friend Laurie was there and she wants to be included in the lessons too.

So many good things are happening right now!  It's amazing how one week can turn the area around.

Isata was probably the biggest miracle.  A few weeks ago, we were at Ema's, and she told us that Isata's ready. She asked us to give her a call, and we said we would.  Ema warned us that Isata never picks up her phone...ever, but I told her that she would when we called.  Ema said, "Okay, call her now then."  Luckily, Sister Holt had the phone, and more faith than I did, so when she called, Isata picked up.  And not only did she pick up, but she set an appointment with us.  In the missionary world, getting people to set appointments is a huge step.  So Ema was ecstatic, and so were we.  However, when we went to the appointment a few days later, we discovered the hard way that there are 4 Buchanan streets within a 5 mile radius, and none of them connect because it's Maryland, so it took us an hour to find the right one.  By that time Isata had left to pick up her son, and we had to reschedule.  But by another miracle, she did reschedule, and this time we made it.  She forgot we were coming, but was still there, and invited us in.  Instead of trying to teach right away, we decided to really spend some time getting to know her and it was perfect-exactly what she needed.  She opened right up, and told us all of her concerns (looking for clarity, peace, she just broke up with her son's father, she has no place to live so she's staying with Laurie, and she wants to feel like she's doing this for herself, not for anyone else.)  It was amazing how it all just came out, and now we're going to have more direction when we teach because we know exactly what she needs.  She even asked us, "Do you have any scriptures right now that will give me some comfort?" So we read some with her (Mosiah 27:30, Jacob 3:1) and then she said, "Okay, so what do you want me to read before you come back?"  Bah!  Who asks for a reading assignment?!  She is so ready.  We talked about the Holy Ghost too, and how to recognize it.  She has had experiences before with the Spirit, so it will be easier for her, and she's even excited to have that witness come.  She wants it, and she's pure, so she'll get it.  I have complete faith in that.  Ah, I love teaching people.  I wish I had time to write about every lesson.

Actually, I have a little request for any of you who would like to participate.  If you're willing, I'd love for you to send me a story or experience about how the atonement has helped you.  It could be how it's strengthened you, comforted you, answered your prayers, as long as it's something related to the atonement.  My whole mission I've been working on teaching the atonement to investigators, and helping them apply it to their lives, and I still have a long way to go, but I think your experiences will help.  So thank you in advance!  I love you all!

Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch
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