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We have had an incredible past week.  We keep finding families to teach! One family was being taught in the Laurel area, until they moved to ours.  A few nights ago we were walking to the their apartment and this little girl ran after us.  She said, "Are you missionaries?!"  We said yes and she said, "I could tell by your bags.  You're coming to see me!" Oh!  Well, she ended up being right.  Her name is Yvonne (said Evon) and her mother is Kadie, and there are two little boys as well.  That night we just planned on getting to know them and sharing a little thought with a commitment, but we asked them if the other sisters had ever talked about baptism. Yvonne says, "Ya! and I want to be baptzied!"  Then Kadie told us that she wants to be baptized as well!  We commited them to prepare for August 12 which ended up being the 3 year olds birthday.  Not a coincidence.  So we're going to have cake at the baptism.  This family is so excited about the gospel, and so ready to take this step.  They need a few more lessons, but they'll be baptized in August.

In the same apartment complex is Kyodai and his family.  Right now they are very active in their church, but he loves the Book of Mormon, and we've talked about recognizing the Holy Ghost, and have been pointing it out in our lessons.  He does have desire, and I know that as soon as he comes to church he'll feel the spirit and be ready to change.  Right now he's planning on being baptized in August as well, but wants to make sure he knows its true first.

Then...a couple of steps away in the apartment complex across the sidewalk is another family.  (All of these families are from Africa).  Serge, the father is married to Angel, and they have an 8 year old named Grace and a new baby boy.  As we were getting to know them, we hadn't even brought up the topic of church yet, but Serge asked us where it was and what time it was.  We told him, and before we could commit them to come, he told us he was coming this Sunday.  It was incredible to see how willing he was.  I actually was speechless when he said he'd come. It was too easy! But I'm grateful.  Also, Angel's sister is a member and she's been to church before, so their family has been very prepared to receive this.  And it's amazing to see how many people have been prepared within a 20 foot radius of each other!

Then Lyzette.  She belongs to the Glenn Dale elders now,  but came to Why I Believe, and was standing with us when President came up to meet her and shake our hands.  She told him that she felt God's hand in her life when she met us, and it was "meant to be."  I hope the Elders take care of her, and I'm sure they will.

Last bit of news.  Transfers!  Now I'm with Sister Lin who is from Tawain.  She's still fairly new in the mission, so I'll be teaching her English and... how to drive.  She only drove for two months before the mission.  Oh boy.  Pray for me.  :]   Haha.  We should be fine though.  Heavenly Father watches out for his missionaries.

Love you all.  Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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