Today's a short one.  I must not be praying hard enough that time will slow down.

First, I love my Taiwanese companion! She is the epitome of Asian and makes me laugh SO HARD.  I'm not sure if she means to, but everything she says is so funny that I just can't help it.  Oh my.  Too much fun.

As for the week, we are still teaching these wonderful families (Kyodai, Bumi and their girls; Kadie and her children) and we passed Serge and Angel to the French elders. Serge came to church this past Sunday and the entire family is planning on coming this Sunday. Angel's cousin is a member, and so they'll accept the gospel for sure.  I was so sad to give them away, but it had to be done.  Heavenly Father is really testing me with giving us all of these golden people like Lyzette and Serge's family that we have to give away.  But then we're so blessed with people like Kadie!

Kadie and her 8 year old daughter Yvonne are on date to be baptized August 12. Tonight we're teaching some of the commandments, and we can't wait. Every time we go over, Yvonne asks if she can be baptized this Sunday. She wants to be baptized more than any other 8 year old I've met, and she is a great example for her Mom. Kadie has the desire as well, and is incredible at leading her family in prayer and scripture study, despite being a single mom and her busy work schedule. They are such a wonderful family and will be such a great blessing to the church.

Well, time's up.  I love you all mucho mucho.

Stay true to what's eternal.

-Sister Welch

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