On the Nail

Kadie and Yvonne are getting baptized this Sunday! It's for sure, now. Last week while we were struggling to know what to do, we had permission to go to the temple for Ema Munu's endowment.  While in the temple, I felt that Kadie needed to see us. She did not need more time to think, nor did she need a break from us for a while to decide what to do, but she needed us close to help her have the courage to take this step of faith. So that evening we went over to their apartment. They were home, invited us in, and Kadie told us that she'd been praying and wanted to be baptized on the 26th! It was a beautiful confirmation that the inspiration I received was true. She's ready. She and Yvonne had their interview on Monday, and they are excited and looking forward to this Sunday. We may, however, need to go over the Restoration again with Yvonne.  She's only 8, but when she got out of her interview with Elder Mataele, Sister Noel (Senior Sister) asked her who Joseph Smith was.  Yvonne looked a little confused so Sister Noel started giving her clues.  "He talked with God, he was tall, handsome..." suddenly Yvonne interrupted and pointed at Elder Mataele, "Oh! Him!"  Hahaha.  So...Elder Mataele gets to baptize Yvonne and she's a happy girl.  Brother Cummings, a fairly recent convert, is going to baptized Kadie.  Brother Cummings and his wife were baptized almost 2 years ago, and I wish you could all be here when he says the sacrament prayers.  He says it with such passion and feeling, that I just have to smile every time, and I think about every word he says.  (He had a Baptist upbringing, which might help you to imagine the way he prays.  It's great.) Anyway, this will be the first time he's ever baptized anyone, and when we asked him last night at ward correlation, he looked shocked, then excited, and then he sat through the rest of the meeting memorizing the prayer.  It was so sweet! He'll do great, and it will just add to the Spirit of that day.  

Blessing is progressing quickly as well. She is so sincere in her desire to know if this is true. She came to church for the third week in a row, and she came to Why I Believe as well. She's reading and praying and always has the best questions for us when we are teaching her. I think that I learn more from her than she learns from us when we go over. She's mature for 17, and I am so excited for the future she has ahead of her.

Ike is also wonderful. He came to church again (this time he was on time) and he sat by the Elder's investigator. They connected and were able to talk to each other with the same perspective. Ike is another one that always does his reading, and teaches us as much as we teach him. He already has faith in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, and when we went over his baptismal calendar yesterday, he told us that he doesn't want to wait any more and that this Saturday he wants to learn about the Word of Wisdom, and the Law of Chastity, and Tithing, and the rest of the commandments. I love his enthusiasm, but we decided to break up the commandments just a little, so that he's not overwhelmed. He has such a conservative religious background that nothing we say seems terribly new to him, and so I don't foresee any problems with these commandments, but we want to keep our lessons around 45 minutes and his baptismal date is the 9th of September, so we have plenty of time.

People to pray for: Claire and Elwood. Kyodai.  Ugochukwu (Ike's brother).  The Kalida's family.  And of course Ike, Blessing, and Kadie and her family.  Thank you!

One more quick funny story.  On Friday I was asked to give a workshop on companionship unity for our district meeting on Tuesday (yesterday).  My thought was, "Great! We're a unified companionship and this should be easy!"  Well, the next morning, my dear companion rolled my finger up in the car window.  Trust me, I didn't think it was hilarious at the time, but now I do.  Even though I might lose a nail I had to laugh at Heavenly Father's sense of humor.  He taught me in a very poignant way that unity is NOT easy, in fact. But it IS possible no matter what.  And don't worry, I still love my companion.

And I love you all!  Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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