Thus begins another adventure.

Kentlands is the opposite of Carrollton.   At least in almost every way when it comes to the ward and the members and the people we talk to every day. 

But I love it.  The ward is GREAT at doing missionary work.  Almost everyone we've talked to is sharing the gospel with a neighbor or friend.  And we have had a lot of miracles. 

Sunday morning we found a new investigator, Kelly, and Monday night we taught her again and she wants to be baptized.  Then we're working with Nina and Tamarye who are 10 and 9, and they're getting baptized as well.  They're the smartest cutest kids.  I feel so blessed!

Sister Morotti is great.  Again, I'm lucky with the companion I get.

And now, I have to go.  Sorry this was so short.

Love you all! 

Stay true to what's eternal.

-Love, Sister Welch

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