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This week will be longer.   ...Hopefully.
So, starting on Thursday of last week.  We got a new investigator!!!!! His name is Samuel. He's been deployed to the Middle East, twice, and his soul is searching for peace.  It was interesting to talk to him and just feel how hungry his Spirit was for the gospel. He talked about some of the things he saw and experienced, including a time where he watched 6 of his comrades hit a road-side bomb, and how he re-lived that moment every day in his mind.  He talked about how it had affected his family and how he was trying to teach his kids to be honest, and have standards (including modesty) in this world where there are no morals.  He talked about how his wife was 7th-Day Adventist, but he felt nothing when he went to church with her.  We did a lot of listening for the half hour that we talked, and after we finally had the chance to tell him what we did, he agreed to start meeting with us.  Amazing what happens when people feel cared about, and like someone really wants to help them.
The next day we were at the VC for most of the day: me in my meeting, and Sister Morotti talking to the souls who are searching.  Have I told you that every Friday we have a Training Meeting with all of the sisters, then the 4 of us trainers meet together from 10-4? These meetings have been an interesting experience for me because it focuses leadership on each of the sisters and what their needs are.  I love being part of this cycle of bringing souls to Christ who are bringing souls to Christ.  (Does that make sense?) I just love the unity of purpose that we have.  It makes every solution to the problems we experience so much easier to find, because all we have to do is ask, "Does it bring them closer to Christ?" and if it does, then that's the answer.  It's incredible to be in this place where everything we do is centered on coming to Christ.  And it's teaching me that everything I should do will bring me closer to Him.  Now and forever.
Lately, I decided to study the atonement every day that I have personal study.  I don't take the whole hour, usually, but just a part of it to focus on the Savior.  I'm going to keep doing this until the end of my mission.  Already it's been an incredible, eye-opening, experience, and it's stretching me to focus and really seek revelation if I want to understand anything during my studies.  I wish I had time to share all that I've learned, but one of my favorite things is to find symbolism between the prophets and Christ.  There is so much there.  And I feel like I'm just scratching the surface.
Saturday, we had the miracle of meeting a less active family that the ward and missionaries have been trying to contact for months.  I didn't even realize what a miracle this was until Sister Morotti said, "Do you know how big a miracle dat was?" I said, "No" because I'm still learning the area and I guess I'm used to people opening their doors to us, but then she told me that in the three months she's been here, she's never been able to see them, and when they have been home, they've yelled through the door, or said to come back later.  But this time they invited us in! And we shared a thought!  And prayed!  Huge difference.  I'm glad she told me what I miracle this was so that we could appreciate it for the blessing it is.
Sunday.  IKE WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!  Happy day.  I've decided that I like baptisms a lot more when I'm not in charge.  It was much more peaceful to be able to sit next to him and visit, and not to run around trying to organized everything.  Ah! It was amazing. 
And....I'm out of time.  Sorry!!!  But Monday was exchange with Sister Wong, who I still want to be like when I grow up, and yesterday I got to see an old investigator (Blessing) at the VC.  Life is great.
Stay true to what's eternal.
I love you all!
-Sister Welch

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