Just the Weekly

Teaching 2 less active families who now want to go to the temple.  They both are young families, with kids, so it will be a blast to teach them and help them progress.

Seeing Sister Morotti being inspired with a scripture that made a member cry.  I love seeing growth, especially in the sisters I serve with, and it was very rewarding to see her receive that inspiration and then to see the fruits of her listening to the Spirit.  (By the way, the scripture was D&C 98:1-4).

Decorating for Tamarye's Mom's wedding.  (Tamarye is getting baptized this Saturday!!!!) Decorating, I've decided is the best type of service.  Much better than helping big families move into a three story house.  :]

The wedding! It was held in the Relief Society room, and it strengthened my testimony of the temple, interestingly enough.  I'm so grateful that I get to serve next to the House of the Lord every week, and have that reminder to stay worthy.

Why I Believe!  This was probably my favorite part of the week.  Kadie (who got baptized on Aug. 26) was one of the speakers.  She told her story and it was incredible to hear again how she found the church, and changed her life because of the peace she felt.  Ema Munu (the recent convert who just went through the temple) was there too, as well as Ike.  He was confirmed on Sunday, and he was glowing as well.  Ah! I never wanted to leave.  These people are just good, good people. 

And then we've been busy with appointments.  Such a blessing, especially in this area. 

Zone Conference was Monday, and it was wonderful.  Can't describe it.  I wish you all could just experience one.

And there's the week.  Sorry it's fast.  Love you all!

Stay true to what's eternal.

-Sister Welch

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