It's been another great week.  Miracles.  We found five new investigators! In Kentlands!  The average last transfer was .5 (that's point five) per week.  Amazing.  Heavenly Father is SO GOOD to us, because I know this truly was a gift from Him, and none of our doing.  One is a former named Habilba from Sierra Leone who has already been taught everything she needs to know before baptism.  We're still going to go through all of the lessons, but this time it will be with her children as well.  She reminds me of Kadie, and she even has one girl and two boys, just like Kadie.  I love looking at how the Lord has prepared me for certain people.  Then, three of the five are from Iran.  There's Fred, his wife Sheri, and her brother Alex.  We might teach Fred's and Sheri's son as well, but for now it's the three.  All have very diverse religious beliefs, so it will be an interesting challenge, but Fred told us that we are the first missionaries he's let in his house in three years.  His wife, Sheri, is a former, and missionaries have always tried to check on her, but Fred hasn't trusted any of them enough to let them in.  So that's a miracle as well.  We'll see how this goes because Fred's atheist, Sheri's Muslim, and Alex is Christian.  It will definitely be a good growing experience.  The last one of the five new investigators is Brother Martin, a referral from the assistants.  They were driving down this road one day, and one of them saw a black man and said, "Hey, we should go check on him." The other one laughed, but then really felt prompted that they should go, so they did, and now he's a new investigator that they want us to teach.  He has family that may be interested as well, and we should be meeting them tonight, so we'll keep you posted on that.

Then there's Samuel, a new investigator from a few weeks ago.  He's been out of town, but we had the chance to meet his wife this past week.  He had told us previously that she went was 'Jehovah's Witness' and every time we called the number he gave us to set an appointment, it was her voice on the answering machine, so we were a little nervous to leave a message.  We finally stopped by, however, and she answered the door.  I was pretty nervous, but trying to be faithful, then I hear some of the first words out of her mouth, "Thank you for finding my husband!  Anything you can do to help him come back to God would be great.  You're welcome to teach our family anytime."  What a miracle! So, he's supposed to be coming back into town and we'll get to see him and his family soon.  We're so excited.

And........Tamarye got baptized!  And I'm a terrible daughter/niece/friend/cousin and forgot yet again to bring my camera with the pictures, but oh my, he's adorable.  He's 9 and already has such a strong testimony.  The baptism was so peaceful.  (Despite the fact the we forgot to tell Tamarye's sister about her talk..haha...oops.  And we forgot to tell Tamarye to bring a towel....tee hee...poor guy.)  But the Spirit was still so strong!  Favorite parts: Tamarye talked about why he wanted to get baptized and he said it was because he wanted the Holy Ghost, and to be a good example to his 4 year old sister, and to be with his family for forever.  Then after the baptism, Bishop Burton had all of the family sit in a little circle on the front row, then he pulled up a chair and sat in front of them.  He started with Tamarye and told him of his vision for  him.  He said that he saw him getting the Aaronic Preisthood when he was 12, then getting the Melchezidek Preisthood when he was 19 and going on a mission.  Then he saw him getting married in the temple and having an eternal family of his own.  I thought it might be a lot for a little 9 year old boy to handle, but Tamarye was just nodding his head and smiling the whole time like he already knew.  Then Bishop went to Tamarye's sisters, then to his mom who just got married, and talked about his vision for each of them.  Then he said, "And here's my vision for myself.  I see myself kneeling at the Savior's feet one day, telling Him that I did my best, and thanking Him for everything that He's done for me."  Then he got a little emotional, looked at Tamarye, and said, "Let's make it there together."  There was such a sweet spirit in that room.  It was beautiful. 

And to top that all off, JOHN DYER IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!   You remember Audrey that I taught and loved and learned from at the beginning of my mission?  Well, John is her husband and he's finally decided to take the step.  BAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  Sister Lewis called me at the VC last night to tell me and I almost exploded because I couldn't yell or scream or jump around, but I was SO HAPPY!!!!  And I still am.  My goodness, I love the Dyers.  Now, I just have to figure out a way to convince President to let me go to that baptism.  Prayers on behalf of this cause would be appreciated.  :]

Love you all!  Stay true to what's eternal.

-Sister Welch

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