Happy Halloween

The VC's closed.  And now I appreciate it a whole lot more.  Full-time proselyting is not an easy life, but it's helping me to appreciate the VC and the sisters, and even the area more than I did.  It's been closed since Monday and hopefully it will be open on Friday, but I guess we'll see.  When it does open we'll have new kiosks and almost a completely new visitor's center.  I am so excited to see these new resources! We've had to be so creative with the way that we teach people, and now with the new updated exhibits, teaching investigators will be so much more engaging and involved.  I wish I could tell you what we're going to have, but I'm supposed to wait until it actually gets here, so I'll wait.  But it will be great!

Hmm.  I'm trying to remember what happened in the past week.  Primary Program.  So cute.  We have a new Asian investigator who is hilarious.  He's from Taiwan, but wants to be taught in English, and was so concerned for our safety during the storm.  And the storm.  It was supposed to be a full-blown hurricane and they even made it illegal to drive in Baltimore, but up where we were, it just rained.  Nothing big.  The storm in June was a lot crazier than this, and I slept through that one.  (I slept through this one too...I was just expecting it to be a lot bigger.)  

Exciting moments: We watched "A Book of Mormon Story" Mormon Message with Annsley and her caretaker Brittany (our new investigator) and Brittany was glued to the screen.  After it was over she said, " I need to read this book."  Perfect!  Of course we had one ready for her and she was so excited to have her own free copy.  Also exciting, Claudia, an eternigator (eternal investigator) is ready to get baptized.  We still haven't been able to see her yet, but the elders so kindly went by last night and called to tell us she's ready.  Yep.  We need to get over there.  That's probably the 5th person who's told us.  It's funny though, that every time we go by she's not home, or every time we call she doesn't answer.  I don't quite understand why yet, but it will all work out.  By next week she'll have a date.  Also, exciting: Tevin came to church again and is reading! (Church and reading the scriptures are huge milestones for an investigator, especially a 16 year old) and Tamarye gave it away.  We were teaching Tamarye and actually I think we asked him if Tevin had been reading.  He said, "Yeah, this morning he had his headphones in and was reading like this," as he made an angry/confused face.  I laughed.  Of course Tevin is going to look angry/confused if he's trying to read the scriptures while listening to the music he listens to.  But he's reading.  It's baby steps with him, but he'll make it.

I think it's crazy that so much happens in a week, and then I get here and I can't remember any of it.  This morning we had our Zone Activity where we carved pumpkins, ate some food, and played card games.  Yesterday we saw 4 less actives and a few investigators.  One was 7th Day Adventist and told us that she's only nice because she wants to convert us.  Last night we saw a man who is quite the philosopher and asked us questions like, "How can people believe different things and still have a good life?" "How do you account for people who have a following but don't teach truth?" "How do you KNOW what's true?" and all sorts of things like that.  He never invited us in, but we stood on his doorstep for half an hour listening to him and talking.  They were some interesting questions I spent some time studying them this morning.  Hopefully he takes us seriously, knowing that we took him seriously.  It will be fun to see where this goes because I feel that he's sincere, and even asked us the question Joseph Smith was asking before the first vision.  Curtis is his name.  I'll keep you posted.  (If I remember.)

Well, this week was pretty similar to last.  The work is still great, and hard, and fulfilling, and fun, and exhausting, and enlightening, and good in every way.

I love you all.  Stay true to what's eternal.

-Sister Welch

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