Happy Thanksgiving.

Editor's note:  The busiest time of the for the sister missionaries in the Washington DC North Mission is the time leading up to and during the Festival of Lights.  We did not get a letter Wednesday and the letter/blog post today is compact because they are training all the sister missionaries on their duties to make the Festival of Lights flow smoothly.

Right now I'm at the Visitor Center because it's Thanksgiving, and none of the libraries are open, and we just finished an extra training meeting with all of the sisters.  We're behind on our Festival Training, so we're trying to catch up.  Today we passed out the guidebooks to all of the Sisters. The guidebooks are survival books for festival and they are crazy to make.  20 pages, front and back, with every little detail about the VC and festival you could ever need.  Oh boy.  And since I don't have a lot of time, I'm going to attach a little training meeting agenda (since I'm on the computer where they're saved) and attach the skit we did to introduce our theme.  I'm so sorry this is so short, but time goes so quickly and I keep getting distracted because I'm at the VC and keep talking to the sisters.  :]  One of the best parts of the mission.

Love you all!  Stay true to what's eternal!

Love, Sister Welch

DCVC Training Meeting
November 22, 2012

Presiding: Elder Olsen
Conducting: Sister Welch

      (8:30-8:45) Welcome and Announcements

-         10th Key: NST and outline the new kiosks
-         You should be finished with the Christmas Movies
-         How to fill out tours and daily report: by Sister Joost
-         Time for Elder Olsen
-         Birthday: Sister Wankier…it’s her golden birthday today!

Opening Hymn: #62 all Creatures of Our God and King
Chorister: Sister Finlay
Pianist: Sister Lin
Opening Prayer: Sister Blasco
Recitation and Testimony: Sister Morotti

      (8:45-8:55) Distribute and explain the Guidebooks
      (8:55-9:00) Festival Positions Skit
      (9:00-9:20) Position Walk Through (upstairs)
      (9:20-9:30) Creche Room – Reboost Theme: Sister Wong
      (9:30-9:40) Closing Prayer

Closing Prayer: Sister Gros

Skit - The Dear Christ Enters In
Scene 1: Today
Sister Scrooge isoffstage.  All other sisters are on stage, excited about Christmas,  fluffing trees, practicing ushering, and chatting amongst themselves.  Then Sister Scrooge walks in, very gloomy, sits on the bench, starts reading the Book of Mormon, with a sad/grumpy look on her face.
·         Lights are up.  Background Christmas Music.
Sister Scrooge: (sighs) I wish this would just be over.
Sister Miller: Sister Scrooge! Come fluff the trees with us!
Sister Scrooge: (rolls her eyes) No thanks.  (goes back to reading Book of Mormon)
Sisters talk to each other and Sister Wankier tells a story of a golden investigator last year at festival.
Sister Bechaver: (walks past Sister Scrooge) Come practice ushering!  We need some help.
Sister Scrooge: You’re all a lost cause.  I’m fine over here.  I need to catch up on my Book of Mormon reading.  (Keeps reading Book of Mormon)
Trainers (Sis. Miller and Welch) test the headsets
Sister Welch: Is yours working? Can you hear me?
Sister Miller: Yeah it’s working, but I feel like Justin Bieber!
Sister Scrooge: (sighs again.) I just wish this would all be over.  (gradually she drifts off to sleep.)
·         Lights go down to a spotlight. 
Elder Olsen enters.
Elder Olsen: Sister Scroooooge!
Sister Scrooge: Elder Olsen!
Elder Olsen: Why the glum face?
Sister Scrooge: That’s none of your business
Elder Olsen: Mankind was my bus-i-ness!!
Sister Scrooge: Uhhhh.  Okay.  I really do not want to be here right now.  Christmas is such a terrible, hectic time of year.
Elder Olsen: Ohhhh.  I see.  You must be remembering Christmases past.
Sister Scrooge: How could I forget…

Scene 2: Christmas Past
Sister Scrooge looks up, as if to remember Christmas past.  Visitors and sisters come on. Scrooge and Olsen move into the background.
·         Lights go up a little to reveal Sister Scrooge-Past and guests coming into the VC. 
Sister Scrooge-Past: (very excited) Hi! I’m Sister Scrooge! Oh my goodness!! How are you? Have you ever been to the VC before?  What do you like about Christmas? Did you know that we could have some missionaries come and bring you a Book of Mormon?
Larsons: Oh.  That’s nice. (smile and back away)
Sister Scrooge-Past: (to herself) Well, that didn’t work very well.  That’s okay.  The next one, I’ll slow down, and just start off with Merry Christmas…okay.  Okay. 
A stranger (Elder Hardy) walks up.
Sister Scrooge-Past: Merry Christmas!
Elder Hardy: Happy Holidays.
Sister Scrooge-Past: Oh. Well, Happy Holidays.  What brings you in?
Elder Hardy: My car.
Sister Scrooge-Past: (trying to laugh).  You’re so lucky.  Did you know that tonight when you get back in your car you could leave with a free copy of the Book of Mormon?
Elder Hardy: Look honey, I’m only here for the lights.  I’m not interested in your religion.  Have a good night.  (walks away)
Sister Scrooge-Past: (with a downtrodden look) What did I do wrong?
Another stranger (Sister Hardy) walks up.
Sister Scrooge-Past: Hi.  How are you?
Sister Hardy: I’m just fine.
Sister Scrooge-Past: Well, um, I’m a missionary, and, um, I’d love to share more with you…if you want….about Christmas, and a free movie? Oh, you don’t want it? It’s okay.  You know, just have a nice Christmas.  Bye.
Sister Hardy gives a sympathy laugh, pats Sister Scrooge-Past on the head and walks away.  A Sister walks up to Sister Scrooge-Past.
Sister Welch: Sister Scrooge!  Will you hold the End of Line sign? (hands her the sign)
Sister Scrooge-Past: (throws the sign on the floor) I’ve had enough! (storms out)
·         Lights transition to Sister Scrooge (present) and Elder Olsen.
Sister Scrooge: Ooooh.  I remember that night.
Elder Olsen: I’m sure you do.  However, this year can be much, much better.  Look.  Festival has started.  Watch the joy that surrounds you.
Elder Olsen fades into the background.
Scene 3: Christmas Present
Sister Scrooge looks up, to see visitors entering the VC, sisters GQ-ing them, and receiving upper boxes, MoL’s, laughing, and enjoying their time.
·         Lights go up to show all of the visitors and sisters.
Sister Scrooge watches for a while to hear how the sisters are talking to people.
Sister Word: Would you like a free copy? You would?! Wonderful!  Just fill out this little card…..(her voice quiets as Sister Scrooge turns to the next sister.)
Sister Miller: You know Sister Allen? Me too!  I love her! I’m sure she would love missionaries to come visit you...(her voice quiets as Sister Scrooge turns to the next sister.)
Sister Bechaver: I would love to send the missionaries! Where do you live? Really? That’s my area!...(her voice quiets as Sister Scrooge turns to the next sister.)
·         Lights fade a little.
The Visitors and Sisters fade into the background as Sister Lin walks up to Sister Scrooge and sits by her on the bench.
Sister Lin: Sister Scrooge.  What’s wrong?
Sister Scrooge: I just can’t do this Sister Lin.
Sister Lin: You think too much about yourself.  You need to think about Jesus…. (smiles at her in the Sister Lin way.)
Sister Scrooge: You’re right, but I’m trying.
Sister Lin: It’s okay.  I sing you a song.  (she hums a little of “O Little Town of Bethlehem.”) Sing: The dear Christ enters in.  (she nudges Sister Scrooge, then bounces away)

Sister Scrooge looks down, takes a minute to ponder, and Elder Olsen walks back towards her.
Elder Olsen: You know who Festival is about, don’t you?
Sister Scrooge: Yes…. (looks down)
Elder Olsen: That babe in Bethlehem is what we need to be remembering at this time.  (bears his testimony.)  Sister Scrooge, you weren’t sent here to fail.  You were sent to succeed.  And the only way you can is if you let the dear Christ enter in.

Scene 4: Christmas Future
Sister Scrooge: (head comes up, looking above the audience) Let the dear Christ enter in.  (Has an “a-ha” moment.)
·         Lights go up to reveal more visitors coming in.
Visitors enter and Sisters greet them and begin to talk. A Trainer runs out and has a trainer moment.
Sister Welch: Sister Lawrence is doing what in the reflection pond?! (runs off)
 Sister Scrooge walks up to a visitor (Sister Cardall) and begins to talk.
Sister Scrooge: Merry Christmas!
Sister Cardall: Merry Christmas!
Sister Scrooge: Aren’t these lights beautiful?
Sister Cardall: They are! They remind of the stars, especially the Star of Bethlehem.
Sister Scrooge: That’s why I’m here! To testify of that light that leads us to the babe in Bethlehem.  Did you know that there are more words of Christ?
Sister Cardall: I didn’t!
Sister Scrooge: Well, those words are called the Book of Mormon and I would love to send you a copy so that you can have one for yourself.
Sister Cardall: That would be wonderful.  I’d love to learn more about this.
Sister Scrooge pulls out a MoL card and Sister Cardall begins to fill it out. A Trainer runs in with the end of line sign.
Sister Welch: Sister Scrooge!  Would you hold the end of line sign?
Sister Scrooge: Of course!  (She takes the sign then pauses to think.  She starts to hum “O Little Town…”)  Sing: The dear Christ enters in.
Sister Miller and Tiny Tiimina walk in.  Sister Scrooge notices them.
Sister Miller: Come on, Timina.  Let’s go see the chreches.
Sister Scrooge: (towards Tiny Timina and mother) Oh! Merry Christmas!
Tiny Timina: Merry Christmas!  God bless us every one!

Elder Olsen: (as Elder Olsen)  Welcome to the Annual Festival of Lights celebration!….(introduces the Mormon Message Festival Movie)

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