Last Weeks Miracles (continued)

To finish up from last week, I'll start with Deedee and Margaret.  Sunday morning (the 4th) Sister Wankier and I had about 2 hours in the area before church started.  We had met our goals for the week, but could still use some new investigators, so we decided to do some finding.  Since we had already visited everyone in the former investigator book, and had checked/called all of our potentials, we were left with tracting.  (Members would be getting ready for church since it was Sunday).  The street we chose was in a well-to-do neighborhood, with beautiful brick mansions, and little families that were all getting ready for church.  None were too interested, or very kind.  We were getting a little discouraged, when we knocked on a door, heard a dog barking as usual, and were surprised to see a woman opening the door and stepping outside to talk to us.  Her name was Deedee and she told us that lately her coworkers had been sharing the book of Mormon with her! She's been looking for a church, and would love to learn more as soon as she finishes the last 5 weeks of her nursing degree, quits one of her 2 full-time jobs, and has a little time.  And she meant it.  She really listened to the message and counted it as a sign from God that we were at her home.  It was such a little tender mercy to have her buried in between these homes of disinterested people. 

But, that was just the beginning.  I think Heavenly Father was preparing us to expect miracles that day, because we needed to have smiles on our faces and we continued to search for those who were prepared.  The next place we went was a little subdivision of town homes.  Everyone we met was either Asian, or from the Middle East.  We were turned away at every door, until we came to one house where a huge golden retriever watched us through the glass storm door, and started to bark.  His owner, a blonde woman in her late 40's, came to the door, saw us, and said, "Wait here! Wait here!  I have to put the dog away!" She dragged the dog over to his kennel, came back to the front door and said, "Come in!" We were shocked, but didn't question, and walked right in.  Now, this is not normal behavior for a blonde, caucasian woman who sees two girls in dresses on her doorstep.  The next thing she said was, "Did Alex send you?" Sister Wankier and I looked at each other, told her, "No..." And I was thinking, "But please don't kick us out," when she said, "Oh.  Really? That's so strange.  Alex is my 18 year old son who joined your church 2 years ago.  This weekend he came home for college to visit, and just last night he said that he was going to send some missionaries over to meet me."  Ahh!!!!!  Things like this don't just happen.  We told her that Alex definitely did not send us, but Heavenly Father had.  We were at her home because he knows her and she needs us.  To make this story even better, Alex is now thinking about serving a mission, and as a single mother who's son had just joined this church 2 years ago, she had a lot of questions.  They were mostly about the logistics of a missionary's life, but we were able to answer all of the questions she had, and bear our testimonies of this great work.  In the meantime, Alex came home after finishing church at the Chinese Branch.  (The boy is 18, fluent in Spanish and English, and is learning Chinese so he went to church there.  Crazy.) Anyway, he comes home and is ecstatic that the missionaries are in his house talking to his mom.  He told her outright that she needs to let us teach her, and that is absolutely our plan as well.  Such a miracle.

This week has been wonderful as well.  Tevin is making progress (pray for him), and he even told Sister Wankier and I that we're "actually pretty cool."  Coming from a 16 year old black kid, that has to be worth something.  But aside from that, he's reading the Book of Mormon, praying about it, and really searching.  He's finally taking this into his own hands.  He even stayed for all three hours of church.  And the ward was great with him.  I LOVE this ward.  The members are wonderful at missionary work, know their duty when it comes to serving others, and they are excited about the gospel.  I love it! It's such a blessing.

So pray for him, and for Claudia, and Wachen, and Brittany.  They're all so close. 

That's all I have time for today.  I love you all!  Stay true to what's eternal.

-Sister Welch

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