A New oh-so-fun Hobby!

Yesterday, I was looking for something to do and started to explore the website Tanielle and Sylvia introduced me to: picnik.com. Once I started playing around with some of the pictures I had, I couldn't stop! It was too fun. So here are some (actually quite a few) of the results. The picture behind my blog title is one example too small to see in a post, but I still wanted to share it because it's one of my favorites.

Obviously, this is Tegan (best friend and college roommate, if you didn't know.) Isn't she gorgeous?

This is Trevor, a.k.a. Tegan. She dressed up as a boy one day and walked around campus introducing herself as Trevor. Sad thing is, she actually fooled a couple guys in our ward. As she said, growing up with four brothers probably didn't help.

A picture from Ben's camera. The picture behind my my blog's title is also a great one that Ben took and we both edited. This was originally a flower.

Another of my favorites.

Self explanatory. I love these two.

I saved the best for last. This was taken when one of my non-member friends traveled up to Salt Lake while I was still at BYU. He invited to come up and see him while we went on a 'tour' of Salt Lake. Of course I said yes! What a great missionary opportunity and blessing.


Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

Wow! You GO girl!!! So FUN. You've really done some great experimenting. I love the London Bridge and hope someday you'll be able to go explore the Thames and bridges in London yourself!!

Any news on other jobs? I hope so!!!

Ron Welch said...

Actually, the bridge on the banner is called the Roebling Bridge. It crosses between Cincinatti, OH and Northern Kentucky.

The bridge is a combination suspension/cable stay bridge and spans the Ohio River.

John Roebling designed and built this bridge as a precursor to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. A fascinating read of the politics and engineering of bridge building was written by David McCullough entitled "The Great Bridge".

Chris and Tanielle said...

Very cool! Glad you found picnik!