Yellow Pages

Well, I think I'm desperate. So far, I haven't had much luck finding a job, until yesterday when I accepted a job delivering phone books. This job is not ideal, but is still great because I get to exercise, work on my tan, and yellow is one of my favorite colors. The best part happened today when I went to one house and saw a sign that said "No solicitors. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." Then when I got to the front door there was this huge WELCOME mat. Hmmm. After I got off of their property, I had a good laugh. The down side to this job is that it doesn't pay very well. But, even a little counts and college is worth it. I did, however, have an interview today with a Recreation Center for a job as a Youth Program Assistant. I would be supervising/playing with a groups of kids somewhere between the ages of 6-12 for a Summer Camp. How fun! This job definitely has more benefits than delivering phone books and hopefully I'll get it!


Ali Walker said...

very cute. why go to college? you could go pro.

Josh Rox said...

I love the picture