Triple-Digit Temperatures

Lately, the weather here in Henderson has been getting pretty hot. We've already had a couple days over 100°F. Crazy. But perfect for swimming! Spencer and I went out to the pool again today and had a great time. He loves to perform for the camera. These poses he calls the Paraglider, the Monkey, Flying, and Meditation (or levitation). We also thought the water looked pretty cool with the splash balls.

These are just for fun:
I thought this one was so cute of Spencer:
And what would a day in the pool be without a delicious homemade smoothie to finish it off?


Sylvia {+ Mark} said...

Look at YOU...you're a pro-blogger. I love the photos and think it is so great that you have a pool right at your house! Yay!

And yes, very cute picture of Spencer!

Katherine Welch said...

Thanks for sharing the picnik website with me! It's so easy, but makes my blog look oh-so-fancy.