Rollin' Down the River

Imagine this scene,

but with trees of orange, red, and yellow scattered amongst the green. 

Trees of those colors usually indicate that is is autumn.

And in Provo, it is.

But I ignored that fact yesterday, and decided to float down the Provo River with some of my friends, in a little raft.  


But it was so worth it.

And p.s., my stats class is going well.  I feel much more confident now that I've been in class for two weeks and haven't had to do a lick of math.  :]

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frizzles16 said...

ahhahahaha!! I am not entirely sure how you go two weeks without doing math in a math class, but I am happy because you are happy. :D Also...the little word below this that I have to de-code to prove I am a human is "cootines" like cooties. gross.