An accent?

In the past two weeks, I've had three people tell me that I have an accent.  Hmmm.  And they always looked super confused when I tell them I'm from Vegas.  It makes me laugh every time.  Apparently I sound like I'm from the midwest, but I think it's just the Utah accent.  It's in my blood.  (Someone did tell me that I sound Swedish though, because I don't say Ya  (as in yak), but I say Yah (as in yah man.)  I don't know what to think...)

Anyway, we've spent a lot of time at the VC this past week, which I love.  There isn't anything I don't love about a mission, but I LOVE the Visitors' Center.  Yesterday we had a couple busses full of college students from Southern Virginia University.  They came to do baptisms and service, and a lot of them spent time in the Visitors' Center.  They were so willing to learn and to write messages to their friends so that we could call them!  I was so impressed with their enthusiasm and it made me happy to see how much they love the gospel.

We also went to a concert on Sunday night with two amazing violinists.  Such a tender mercy for me to be a part of the music.

And last night was the first night Sister Withers and I taught Audrey together.  She had signed up on our meal calendar in Relief Society, so we went over for dinner, then taught her a lesson.  John was there for the dinner, and we actually discussed religion or missionary life the whole time, so that was really exciting for me to see that interest from him.  And better yet, he told me that he's searching! ...just doing it in his own way; he likes it second-hand from Audrey better.  But that was huge for him to even tell me that.  And he has his own Book of Mormon, which I wasn't aware of.  We taught Audrey the third lesson, and at the end, we promised her again, that when she commits to live the Word of Wisdom, she'll get the answer she needs.  That's really all she needs to do.  She watched all 4 sessions of Conference on her little laptop while she was on vacation, for heaven's sake!  She's so close.  Oh! And this was huge too.  She asked what the process would be IF she said she was ready to be baptized now.  I think my eyes got really big because she laughed at me and said, "Don't get to excited, I'm just wondering."  But I am excited.  She's incredible.

A couple questions before I go...are we related to Mary E. Welch, born in August of 1889 in Maryland? And is there a new BYU President? I heard them release President Samuelson from the 70 and so I was just wondering. 

Love you all!
-Sister Welch

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