Too Much to Tell

I feel like my weeks are so regular now, but I know you have no idea what's going on unless I tell you, so I'll try to remember everything.  This is going to be a mess of all the good, frustrating, exciting, things that happened this week.  I hope you're ready.

Thursday-There was hardly anyone that came into the Visitor Center (VC).  I was just standing by the door watching them put up Christmas lights when this gentleman walks up with a couple and says, "Hi, we'd like a tour." Me, "Perfect! I'd love to give you one."  So we talked for a minute so that I could find out religious background, that type of thing, and found out the couple was Roman Catholic and they came with their member friend.  Awesome.  I LOVE giving tours to nonmembers, so I took them around the VC and gave a Lesson 1 tour (Restoration).  The feeling there was powerful.  I ended with a clip from President Monson's talk on service, and asked them if they'd like to have representatives come to their home and answer any questions, teach them more, etc.  The husband said, "Yes, we'd be very interested," And as I handed him the card the member took it and said, "We'll talk about this in the car." BAH! I was heart broken.  And a little mad.  I could not think of anything to say because all I could think of was, "grrrr," so I just said, "Well, after you fill out the card, don't forget to keep the picture of Christ and the temple."  And then I just started praying.

Friday-I gave a workshop during our VC training meeting on pre-setting and following up with movies.  The week before I had followed up with a man who wasn't able to think of anyone he wanted to refer before the movie, but afterwards, he ended up giving me his brother's name.  Wow.  I was humbled. And that also meant that I got to do the training.  It reminded me of teaching in Relief Society.  I miss that.  Later that day we went and taught Justin, a new investigator.  Daneil came with us and her testimony was perfect.  She bore her testimony about how her day is better when she reads the Book of Mormon, and how it wasn't easy getting baptized, and life isn't easy now, but it's better.  Simple and perfect.  That girl is amazing.

Saturday-Busy VC day.  We had a return appointment with one of our investigators on chat.  She actually found the missionaries in her area and is meeting with them too!  Golden.  And two people I called said they wanted missionaries, and Sister Cadenhead gave an inspired tour to Russell who brought his Koran to the VC.  What a funny man.  I gave him my Ensign about the Book of Mormon, and I hope that he doesn't mind I marked it up just for him.  :]

Sunday-"Why I Believe" program.  Bay Buchanan was the speaker.  Awesome lady.  I want to read her book now, "Bay and her Boys."  She was great for this audience.  So funny, and so easy to listen to.  And Daneil said the closing prayer!  They always have recent converts pray and two of them bear their testimonies.  President Matsumori asked Daneil to pray, and she did. She almost fell over because she was so nervous, but her prayer was beautiful.  The member that came with us said she could write it down, but she said, "No! It's gotta be from my heart." And it was.  I'm so proud of her.

Monday-Zone Conference.  Which means role plays.  During the evaluation, people kept telling me I was bold.  Hmm.  I've never considered myself a bold person, but I guess I can be when I need to be.  I think that comes with the "first child syndrome." When I know I'm right, I'm right, and I don't have a problem letting people know that...in a loving way, of course. We also taught Audrey on this day, and her thought of the day was that even if she wanted to back out, she couldn't.  She said, "I'm too far into this. And so is John."  Well good.  I'm glad she realized that.  Also, she said that she's finding it a lot easier to accept Joseph Smith than she thought it would be.  She is so close.

Tuesday-Golden chats.  Becca came on saying that she'd been praying to know what to do with her life, and she felt guided back to this website every day.  She asked for the missionaries.  SO exciting.  That never happens on chat and I was practically dancing in the calling room where the computers are.  Also Brian.  He was a speed typer and I even told him "Sheesh! You are such a fast typer!" which didn't make him slow down, but it was okay, because he could not get enough of the gospel fast enough.  Even with two of us to the one of him.  He was so trusting, and we set up another appointment with him, to teach The Plan of Salvation.  It's so cool that we can teach people over the internet.  Also at the VC that day, Sister Chan and Sister Joost brought their investigator Ryan in with his less active fiance.  I gave them a tour on the Word of Wisdom and Following the Prophet.  We focused on recognizing the Holy Ghost, and since we were the only ones in the VC, it was very quiet, and a spiritual experience for all of us.  I wish I could walk you through which kiosks we used, and what exactly we talked about, but not enough time.  Sorry!  Anyway, we had him say a prayer before watching the Joseph Smith movie, and ask to feel and recognize the Holy Ghost so that he could know it was true.  They watched the movie, and afterwards, Sisters Chan and Joost told me he wants to be baptized!  So exciting.  The church is true.

Today-we just finished a crazy laser tag game for our Zone Activity.  I was really laughing so hard because Elders are awkward enough as it is, but put them in a dark place, with laser guns, where they're running into people including sister missionaries...it was pretty bad.  But so much fun.

Well, on that note, time for me to go.  I love you all, and pray for you often.

 -Sister Welch

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