Rundown on Prophets

This week has been another roller-coaster.  Sister Withers and I have been praying harder and fasting more often (not too often, don't worry Mom) to find people ready for us to teach.  And it's worked.  I have such a stronger testimony of fasting and prayer now.  It's amazing to see how quickly these blessings flow in.  We had 7 appointments set up for this week (starting on Sunday), and we're getting more every day.  Miracles, miracles.  One day when I'm home, I'll tell you all of them, because there just isn't enough time here!  But the two highlights:

On Thursday last week, a couple came into the Visitors' Center while it was very slow.  I played the Christus narration for them, and as I came up to talk to them afterwords, there were tears streaming down the woman's face.  Usually people are more subdued, or peaceful after listening, but rarely is anyone brought to tears.  I needed to see that and have that reminder.  It IS powerful to sit at the feet of the Christus, while hearing a voice speak the words that He spoke.  He is real! I feel it and know it the longer that I'm here.  It's such an indescribable blessing to see His hand in the life of so many of His children, really, in all our lives! I can't even put this conviction into words, other than to say it simply that He is real and that He KNOWS us and loves us.

The other experience I wanted to share happened yesterday.  Another slow day at the VC, but there were some Elders coming in with their investigator and they wanted the "rundown on prophets" before they watched the Joseph Smith movie.  They said it was going to be casual, and to not worry about planning some elaborate tour, so I took a minute to think about what I would do/say, and then went off to do something else until they got to the VC.  I was not expecting what happened.  I took everyone (elders, investigator, senior couple that came with them) to the back of the VC where the Prophet's Kiosk is.  We talked about what a prophet is and what he does and why we need one so badly today.  Then I asked one of the elders to bear his testimony of President Monson.  He took a minute to think, then bore such a powerful, heartfelt witness that he KNEW President Monson was a prophet.  The Senior couple had even been able to shake his hand and bore their own witness.  The Spirit that entered this "casual, run-down on prophets" tour was amazing.  The President Monson kiosk was close, so we watched his testimony of the Savior, which is always moving and undeniable, and then I felt to have the other Elder bear his testimony of Joseph Smith.  Before he even started speaking, he was emotional.  The feeling of peace, and of love, and of truth that surrounded us in that little room was tangible.  As he bore his testimony of the prophet Joseph, all of us had tears in our eyes.  There was that confirmation to my heart again, that Joseph Smith is truly a prophet.  It was such a sacred experience for me to be a part of that lesson where the Holy Ghost was the teacher.  What a special gift it was.

I pray that all of you will have your testimonies strengthened of our Savior and of the prophet Joseph Smith.  You'll be happier the stronger your testimony is.  I love you all!!!

-Sister Welch

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