October 29: A day in the life (Saturday)

Here's a little taste of what a day is like for me.  

10:11 Taught a 13 year old from Norway on chat.  His Mom is addicted to marijuana, and his Dad left when he was 6.  He wanted to know why God wasn't answering his prayers.

11:29 Did a little "excited" dance because the VC started putting Christmas trees up.  Bah!

2:28 Finished an hour long tour with a non-member couple that wanted to know about the Word of Wisdom.  I thought they were members, then realized later that they weren't, went back to talk to them, and the husband came up to me and asked, "So, why can't I drink coffee?" They were very open and honest about their feelings and struggles with this (since they were investigating and their son was a member), so we watched the Wolfords "I'm a Mormon" commercial, and talked about Chris' testimony on the "about me" portion of his profile.  They really opened up, and I got their phone number so that we could stay in touch.

3:58 Showed Sister Olsen the present Uncle Vedel sent me.  I was so touched by his thoughtfulness that I needed to share it with someone.  I'll treasure that medallion.

4:46 Bore my testimony of the Savior and Joseph Smith to a Hindu man.  After our lesson he told us that he believes in the Book of Mormon,and in Joseph Smith...he almost accepted a baptismal commitment.

5:58 Froze in the snow.

6:23 Figured out an arrangement of Our Savior's Love/I Believe in Christ. I realized I can play Our Savior's Love while singing I Believe in Christ, so cool! (This was during dinner time.  We ate at the church.)

7:10 Met some atheists.  They were grumpy.

8:06 Thought, "What would Jesus do?" for the millionth time today.

8:45 Laughed really hard at Sister Withers.  She can be so funny.  She definitely succeeded in making the quote book again.

8:52 Got a letter from Dad!

10:13 Finished writing this and realized that there are still a million more things I want to include.

My testimony was strengthened this week.  Fasting is a true principle, Messages of Love (referral cards) work, and faith is real!  Too many stories to tell.

I love you all!
-Sister Welch
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