Another week in Zion

Lots of teaching this past week.  And lots of miracles.  I'm trying to think if anything funny happened, which I know there were funny things, but usually it's just the Sister Lin quotes.  She makes me laugh like no one can.  And she is really the miracle worker.

This past Sunday, we had plans for the day, and stuck pretty closely to those plans, until dinner time.  After dinner, we didn't feel like we needed to do what we planned, so we left to check on a referral, who wasn't home, and then went back to the car feeling a little lost.  She suggested we pray, so we did, and then she opened her scriptures and read a verse in Alma talking about success.  She asked me, "What success mean?" and we talked about that for a little bit, then decided we just needed to work and that would be success.  So we started driving.  She was in the passenger seat, and when we came up to a street called Nightingale she said, "Turn here!" so I obeyed.  Then we turned onto a court, but she didn't feel right about it, so we kept going down the street until she said, "Stop!" so we stopped in front of a nice, big, well-kept house with a collection of shot glasses displayed in the front window.  There was a man watching us through the window, so we waved and he smiled and came outside to meet us.  His name is Bob, he's in his 60's, he's white, he's Catholic, and he wants to learn more.  Miracle.  This never happens in mini-Africa.  But it does when you have Sister Lin as your companion.

According to President Matsumori, she has the gift of tongues as well.  We had our interviews with him this past week, and he walked out of her interview astonished at how far her English has come this transfer.  It's amazing for me to see, that's for sure.

I wish I had time to write about all of the people we're teaching.  Elwood (91 y.o.) moved back home to be with Claire and we went to see them this past Sunday.  Claire's lost a tooth, hair, and her hands were swollen because she's so stressed.  It was a relief for her to see us and I wish that we could just live with them to take care of things there, but they have nurses coming now, so it should get better this next week.  My heart just aches for them and I keep praying to know how to help them feel comforted.  Those two are family to me.

Then Barbette lost her baby.  My heart hurts for her too, and I'm glad that she has the gospel and church to keep her going.  In situations like this, I don't know what people would do without their faith.  The Plan of Salvation is so true! And it just makes more and more sense the longer I live.

We found two new investigators from Ghana, Eric and Yvonne who are unrelated to each other, but again, the more I'm around African people, the more I'm amazed at how they just "get it."   Sometimes they have some interesting, but most of the time they are right on, and so spiritually in tune.  Can I request that my next mission is in Africa? There is so much to learn from these incredible people!

We also saw Kydoai, from Nigeria and met his wife. More updates on them later.  They should be coming to church this Sunday.

And then Kadie!!!!! She and her daughter Yvonne are getting baptized next week and they are so excited.  Keep them in your prayers as they're preparing to take this step.  They just need their interview and then they're good to go.  Ah! I just love that little family and I'd adopt them if I could.

Well, time's up. Love you all.

Stay true to what's eternal.

Love, Sister Welch

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